Wow do I SUCK at Guitar Hero, so you’re gonna love this!


Finespun on Rock Band

I remember the day a couple years back when a new game complete with these cool little plastic guitars showed up at my house. For those of you who think the music biz is all fun and beers, guess again; due to that, I never really had as much time for console games as I would have liked. Now you go and throw guitars on top of video games and well, hell I had to get me some of that!Finespun on Rock Band

What is this wonder-us new invention I asked? Scowled at, I was told it was Guitar Hero and that I must have been living in a cave not to know it was coming out. Alas my cave had no electricity so there were no video games, but now it was time to crawl out of the mire and worship this new shiny plastic guitar in all its splendor… being a guitarist, I was all for it.

But wait, wtf?!? wheres the strings? What are these little plastic buttons? Where the hell is my amp? I could see this would take some getting used to. Level 1, Easy mode. Plunk, plunk, chink, plunk… ok, lets go again…. more of the same, SONG FAILED! Song failed? I couldn’t take that as a final answer, so I tried and tried – while watching my drummer Ed Drums ace the game lol – being laughed at by peers and onlookers alike. I tried when they left, all secret-like, but I kept getting song failed again and again. It was obvious to me that I just SUCKED at Guitar Hero!

So I bide my time, step by step, inch by inch, watching as they came out with GH II, the Beatles models, all kinds of merchandising, this became a world wide phenomenon and all I could do was hide my head in shame because, say it with me, I SUCKED at Guitar Hero.

Now we take a little FFWD to the present day. I still suck, if it don’t have strings, I can’t play it, it’s just simple as that. But I have to give it another go, I have to persevere. There is no try, only do, or do not a little green guy once said…

And today (well, maybe not today today, but in a few days or so lol) AHEM…. And today is the day that it must be done!

Finespun on Rock BandMy band Finespun is now available on the super next gen of guitar hero, ROCK BAND! There’s only one problem, I don’t own Rock Band and neither does anyone in my band, but I’m betting some of you do…

So here’s my offer, you got Rock Band? Watch us SUCK hardcore at playing it with ya! You got the game? We got the beers, hit us up, we wanna come over and play… and you get to watch me lose within the first verse over and over again, what could be better… but wait, there’s more – we’re gonna tape it and put it on the web, yeah, sucking publicly, that’s better!

If you wanna hang out and see “song failed” on your TV screen, drop me a message!

Our song “4 Walls, 1 Window” on the Rock Band Network

And check out the video below – looks just like me eh?

Hit me up!


PS – if you’re digging the tune, it’s available on our release “Fracture” which is available at !

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