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Imagine music and video playing a game together… and telling stories at the same time.

That’s what it’s like to experience a live performance by audio-visual collective Origamibiro. The collaborative trio merge found objects, unorthodox contraptions, multi instrumentalism and persistence of vision to create an atmosphere both nostalgic and otherworldly. Together, musicians and producers Tom Hill and Andy Tytherleigh and video artist The Joy of Box make connections between seemingly unrelated elements and create a world that plays the scale of human emotions. Their latest record, Shakkei, to be released by Denizen Recordings on the 23rd of August will be followed by a remix album including remixes by Plaid, Leafcutter John and many more…..

With atmosphere oozing from their fingertips, it’s no wonder they have been nominated for best production of The Dublin Fringe Festival.

After releasing their debut album and building a loyal following from their surprisingly original live show, audio-visual collective Origamibiro are about to release their eagerly anticipated follow up ‘Shakkei’ on the 23rd of August followed by a remix EP featuring Plaid and Leafcutter John in early September.


Origamibiro is a collaboration between musicians and producers Tom Hill and Andy Tytherleigh and video artist The Joy of Box. Prior to Origamibiro, Tom and Box already had a long history of collaboration through av_dv, Wauvenfold and Penfold Plum. After creating the first Origamibiro album ‘Cracked Mirrors and Stopped Clocks’, Tom wanted to find ways to produce multilayered live music without the barrier of laptop screens. Box was investigating unorthodox ways of bringing live music and visuals together. Both had an affinity with performance that featured high emotional content and an interest in lo-fi solutions to technological problems. Early on in the process they enlisted the multi instrumentalist skills of Andy Tytherleigh. Andy immediately multiplied layers of melody and atmosphere in the set to create a wider and more beautiful sound. By the time of their sell out first performance in 2007 they had the basis for an ongoing three way collaboration that could address the inherently anomalous process and practice of live audio-visual performance: how it works, how it is interpreted, how it is misunderstood, how it doesn’t work, where to start, where to stop.

Since forming in 2007 Origamibiro have produced interactive installations (The Typophonium), developed av events (The BiroBox Workshops) as well as designing, gigging and reworking ways for live audio and visual to unfold and intertwine. Their current live setup utilises found objects, unorthodox contraptions, multi instrumentalism and live looping techniques.

Origamibiro have played at various music and arts festivals including UK The Big Chill festival and Visionsonic in Paris. They have also exhibited at the Liverpool Biennale, performed at The Hayward Gallery in London, been nominated for best production at The Dublin Fringe Festival and even been Vimeo pick of the week.


The Origamibiro collective core members:

Tom Hill: Formerly one half of the electronica duo, Wauvenfold, with Noel Murphy (aka Visual Display Unit / Bury & Disinter), Tom has released 3 albums and 2 EPs under a variety of aliases, played a John Peel session on Radio 1, remixed the Super Furry Animals and gained an endorsement from none other than Björk. Tom also composes soundtracks for film and television and is currently involved in building interactive and binaural audiovisual installations in Nottingham. Predominantly a classical and electric guitarist, Tom also plays a number of instruments including drums, percussion, keyboards, bass and bowed electric guitar.

Andy Tytherleigh: A skilled multi-instrumentalist, Andy plays double bass, guitar, banjo, ukelele, glockenspiel and keyboards. Andy has his foot in a number of different genres of music including Jazz (Brazilica, The Ben Martin Quartet), folk (Dave Blayze and the Reservations) and electronic (schmoov) Whilst with Schmoov, Andy released the critically acclaimed dance album ‘While you wait’ and toured extensively around the globe supporting Groove Armada. All of Andy’s skills and influences have condensed down to add many rich and beautful layers to the Origamibiro sound.

The Joy of Box: (aka Jim Boxall) has a background in fine art and has been working with moving image for over 15 years. He has produced a range of works including live visuals, av performances, over 40 short films, installations and art objects. Jim fell into performing live visuals back in 2001 and as part of av collaboration av_dv has been resident VJ at The Big Chill music festival. He has provided visuals for DJ Krush, Susumu Yokota, and Autechre and has performed with celebrated VJ act Hexstatic, He even played live visuals for a John Peel special with The Bays live on Radio One. Work that one out. Jim has also collaborated with a wide variety of artists jazz musicians Theo Travis and Jan Kopinski, vocal artist Melanie Pappenheim, sculptor and musician Steve Hubback and digital artists Noel Murphy and Raphael Lozano-Hemmer.


Free Download: To promote the release of their upcoming album Shakkei, Origamibiro is giving away the single Quad Time with remixes from Leafcutter John, Joseph Minadeo, Soil and Water, Juxtaphona and Low In the Sky – including the Quad Time music video – all for free. Simply click on the download button here.

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